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[mk_fancy_title color=”#626262″ font_family=”Open+Sans” font_type=”google” align=”center”]Yearly vacation costs rise an average of 8% per year, making it difficult for families to travel as often or as well as they’d like to. We look forward to showing you how you can save 20-50% on your future vacations. We realize your time is a precious commodity, so we strive to ensure that both the vacation package and information we share is beneficial. Our goal is to make vacations affordable to each and every family invited to our consultation. Your vacation incentive is our way of saying “Thanks for your time”.


Rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional advertising, we provide a vacation incentive to families that attend a no-obligation presentation from a travel company. We hope that what is presented works for you, but we know that not everything works for each family so either way, enjoy your vacation! We appreciate each of you and believe that knowledge is power. By attending, you have the opportunity to learn how to waste less time and money on your vacations.


We know that the average traveler will spend $30,000 in their lifetime on travel. We want the chance to earn that business.  Our goal is simply to introduce you to ways to save 30% – 50% on your future vacations. Do we calculate that you may eventually want to travel with us? Of course we do! Some Do, Some Don’t. It’s a 50/50 opportunity for us, and with a guaranteed vacation just for your time it is a huge win for you. Ultimately, you will discover how over 100,000 loyal clients take repeated luxury vacations, over and over, while never paying retail and saving thousands of dollars in their lifetime.[/mk_fancy_title]

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