Dominican Republic – Experience the Caribbean

Why is the Dominican Republic a Great Family Vacation Destination?

The Dominican Republic has become the most popular vacation destination in the Caribbean. With ancient cities and stunning beaches, along with a huge variety of family-oriented adventure parks, there’s something everyone in the family can enjoy!

Tropical Climate

The Dominican Republic boasts a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 66˚F in December to 95˚F in August.

Ease in Visiting

After Cuba, the Dominican Republic is the largest country in the Caribbean, which means that it has a terrific infrastructure. Spanish is the official language of the Dominican, but English is widely spoken which can be an unforeseen difficulty in some destinations.

Stunning National Parks

The Dominican Republic has 14 national parks, which include the Cave of Miracles and La Caleta Underwater Park. This abundance of natural beauty, combined with many of the attractions built for families, make it an ideal vacation destination!

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