Tips for Stress Free Flights

Flying can be stressful, whether it’s solo or with your family, and anything that helps reduce that makes every experience better. From the long lines for security, to making sure you and your family have the proper identification, and  making sure all your carry-on items are safe, it can take a little work to ensure everyone in your party arrives happy and ready to have fun. Next time you fly, make sure to follow these tips to make your flight what it should be, relaxing and stress-free!


Arrive Early

The best way to have a stress-free airport experience is to arrive early. There is so much that could happen, it’s just better to arrive early, rather than add the stress of worrying about making your flight. This is especially important if you’re flying on a Friday or Sunday, for the least stressful flights it’s best to get to the airport about two hours prior to takeoff. 


Know the Rules

If you’re flying with a carry-on, make sure you know how much liquid is allowed in each container.  There’s nothing worse than having to pay ridiculous baggage fees or throwing out your favorite perfume due to it being a half ounce above the liquid allowance, causing frustration when you should be relaxed and ready for vacation!


Bring Entertainment

One of the worst things about flying is waiting, especially before a long anticipated vacation. Make sure to bring a book or iPad to keep everyone entertained before and during the flight! If wifi is not available on your flight, make sure to download movies or music so you can sit back, relax and watch your favorite movie before you reach your destination. Protip: Netflix allows for downloads on mobile devices, but you need to be connected to wifi so don’t forget to set some old favorites or must binges for the night before!


These tips should help you and your family have a stress-free flying experience. Most importantly, no matter how you get there, just enjoy your vacation! 


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