5 Tips for a Successful Theme Park Vacation

It’s official, your family is visiting a theme park in the near future. Follow these 5 tips for a smooth theme park vacation. 


Avoid Peak Hours

If you are able to be flexible, visiting a theme park during the early-mid fall, late winter or early spring is prime time. Plus you won’t be exhausted from the heat or frozen from the cold. Just think of how many you wouldn’t see while waiting in all those lines during the summer!


Set a budget

Theme park visits are expensive, but with some small planning, you don’t have to feel like you are breaking the bank. Are you buying lunch or bringing it? This can cut costs dramatically. Will you play the games or bring home souvenirs? Souvenirs are always a favorite to bring home!


Plan your adventures

Check the theme park’s website before you go! Make a list of all the rides you want to hit before the day is over, this will point out maps which can be handy for everything from locating bathrooms to knowing how long the wait is for rides and attractions you want to do. 


Bring the right supplies

Bring swimsuits and if you don’t want to get wet bring a poncho. A waterproof case for your phone is always a good idea as is a power bank. A lightweight backpack is ideal as sunglasses and phones are usually not allowed on some of the rides. Finally, don’t forget sunscreen!


Discover hidden attractions

There are hidden gems in every theme park! When you’re not spending your time waiting in lines, take a stroll to the often overlooked areas. 



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